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April 15, 2021


Kangal is a DAO building the ultimate dApps ecosystem. The ecosystem will be powered by the utility token (codename $HEEP) that will be minted only through staking KANGAL and KANGAL LPs.

Kangal is available both on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.


Contract Address (ETH)

0x6e765d26388a17a6e86c49a8e41df3f58abcd337 Copy icon Copy
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Contract Address (BSC)

0xd632Bd021a07AF70592CE1E18717Ab9aA126DECB Copy icon Copy
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Starting pool on Uniswap with 100% supply & all locked with Unicrypt


No presale


No team tokens


2021 Q1

Deployment: Fair Launch with 10-year liquidity lock, no team tokens
Done checkmark Going cross-chain: ETH & BSC
Done checkmark Listing on CoinMarketCap
Done checkmark Listing on CoinGecko
Done checkmark Released Swap Guide
Done checkmark Released Litepaper
Done checkmark Governance v0.1 (Discussion forum & Snapshot for proposals & voting)
Done checkmark Security audit
Done checkmark Donation wallet creation (Discussion)
Done checkmark Litepaper translations

2021 Q2

Done checkmark Hotbit AMA
In progress First PR & Marketing agreement
In progress Coinsbit Listing
In progress Rebranding
In progress Whitepaper Release
In progress Charity wallet
In progress Utility Token proposals & deployment
In progress More marketing agreements for different mediums
In progress $KANGAL & LP staking
In progress Kangal ecosystem release with first dApps and NFT drops
In progress dApp Ecosystem Expansion: Lottery and Games
In progress Official KANGAL merchandise

2021 Q3

dApp Ecosystem Expansion: NFT minting
In progress dApp Ecosystem Expansion: NFT marketplace
In progress Higher-tier exchange listing
Turning dApp ecosystem into a dAppStore
In progress Marketing agreements for wider audience
In progress On-chain governance
In progress As Kangal is a community project, feel free to speak up! More roadmap items will be created by you via forum discussions & proposals.


Contract icon Contract Link icon Uniswap logo Uniswap Pool Link icon Locked Liquidit icon Locked liquidity on Unicrypt Link icon
Shield icon Security Audit Report
by Solidity Finance
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checkmark No mint functions are accessible.
checkmark No security issues were identified.


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Risk Disclosure Statement

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